About Us

Here at Twisted Threadz we believe that you shouldn’t have to sacrifice originality in order to save a few bucks. We believe you shouldn’t have pay high prices for high-quality shirts. We also believe you deserve a customer experience that matches the to quality of our products.

But forget about what we believe, here’s the bottom line. You pay less for high-quality shirts with original artwork when you order from Twisted Threadz.

How can we offer you top-quality shirts and original designs at our guaranteed lower prices? Its simple. Our shirts are not mass produced gathering dust in a warehouse. Have you ever seen how much it costs to lease warehouse space!?

Instead, our designer creates original artwork, we set a up a custom shirt campaign and we only create your shirt once we reach our campaign goal. This saves you money.

What is a shirt campaign? Well, we have a crack team of number crunchers locked away in a back room. They don’t come out for fresh air until they calculate the number of shirts we need to sell in order to generate a profit while keeping our best price guarantee.

Once a campaign is launched, you reserve your shirt. When enough orders are reserved to meet our goal, your shirt will go to production and shipped to your door.

Like we said before, it’s not rocket science! It’s just a great way to deliver you high-quality shirts with original artwork at the lowest prices possible. Well, low enough to where we can still keep the lights on here at Twisted Threadz.